Integrating all aspects of your (brand) personality

If you're overthinking your authentic expression.

I just got off the phone with a dear soulpreneur friend. She had recently finished writing new copy and offers for her website that are bold and deep and intuitive and a bit mystical. Perfect for attracting a specific type of client.

But after a recent conversation with a successful business owner who wants to hire her, it made her rethink some of the copy. She thought, “I wouldn’t want him to see my website when I make these updates!”

She wondered if she should create an additional webpage and services that are specific to larger companies, but in the same breath, questioned if that was still authentic to her.

The irony is, I’ve been having a very similar inner dialogue myself. I have skills, insights, and IP that can help larger companies, and skills, insights, and IP that can help soul-led entrepreneurs. (And, as a side note, about 80% of those skills, insights, and IP cross over between the two types of businesses. Clearly we are all just overthinking this!)

Here’s what I told her… (slash myself).


All sides of you are authentic to you. I could walk into a yoga studio and talk chakras and asanas, and that is me. I could walk into a networking event and talk strategy and success, and that is me.

Take a moment to honour the fact that you are multifaceted, and every side and aspect is part of the greater kaleidoscope of you.


Tune into your brand; the essence of its reputation and positioning. Now, take it up a few notches (like inflating a balloon). Mentally create a bigger, bolder brand positioning for yourself. See yourself in a higher regard.

Imagine you are the international go-to in your field because you have such unique skills and perspectives. Imagine companies both big and small flocking to you to tap into this unique perspective.

Imagine your brand is big enough to encompass all of these parts of you.

Think about someone you really respect or admire. You would probably love to have their eyes on your business. Notice that you aren’t necessarily drawn to them because of a page on their website that you categorically fit into, or because of a particular offer they’ve created. You want access to their eyes and their mind because of the unique perspective they have. The way they see the world is of interest to you.


Revisit your website/offers/brand/copy with this bigger positioning and multifaceted-ness in mind. How can you let your unique perspective shine? How can you allow all sides of you to be present in some way? And what strategies or structures are needed to support this (i.e. a new service, a tighter onboarding process, fresh content in a format that showcases your gifts).

In short:

Stop putting yourself in a box. And – SUPER IMPORTANT! – stop putting your ideal clients in a box by making assumptions that they can’t handle all of who you are.

Be like a diamond instead: multifaceted, shining, rare, and one-of-a-kind. Diamonds are way more beautiful than boxes anyway.

If you want help polishing up your diamond and making it shine, send me a message to explore how we can work together (or check out my available Programs & Services on my website).