Voice Note 01. Introduction

An introduction to the new private podcast.

Welcome to the first of (hopefully) many Voice Notes, a private podcast where I’ll be sharing intimate musings and BTS snippets of my life & business.

This podcast emerged from a simple act I’ve become somewhat notorious for amongst my close friends – sending voice notes as a way to share updates, to offer guidance and encouragement, and to simply connect.

I had a few friends suggest I share my “voice notes” publicly, but it wasn’t until my husband encouraged me to do so that I started to take this idea seriously. (If you know Adam, you’ll know his business intuition for me has been bang-on since day 1.)

I hesitated a little, though, wondering if it was egotistical to believe anyone would want to listen. But the Idea Fuse was lit, so I explored which platform would be the best option to share on – I was leaning towards starting a Telegram broadcast channel, but as I started learning about the private podcasting trend, I knew that was the right vehicle.

The time it took me to (A) mentally get on board with the idea, (B) find the right platform, and (C) feel the full-body-yes spark to start meant this podcast was at least six months in the making.

Timing, as I've learned, is everything. Ideas need space to incubate; we don’t want them rushed or overcooked. And so, on this day, May 9, 2023, I am picking up the microphone, ready to breathe life into a concept that first emerged last year.

This podcast isn't just about telling you information; it's about the art of entrepreneurship, the journey of building a soul-led business.

The vibe for the podcast is this: we are sharing a glass of wine in my living room, chatting about everything from business insights to personal relationships to healing and wellness to the skincare routine I swear by. This space is where I'll unravel the thought processes behind my current creative pursuits, sharing lessons learned along the way.

There's a sense of sacredness behind it all, too; a feeling that some things are better shared in a more contained, private setting. As I begin this experience, I invite you to join me, to be a part of real conversations that explore the depths of life, entrepreneurship, and beyond.

So, welcome to the Voice Notes – a space for soulpreneurs seeking genuine connection.

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